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Latest round of doodle commissions! I have been a MACHINE lately!


Minimum for a bust is $15

Minimum for full body is $25

You can either pay the minimum, or whatever you want above it! The more you pay, the more time I’ll take with your doodle! Minimum price doodles will be basic, and quicker. Higher paid doodles will be more involved. More detailed, more time taken, possible toning, maybe on toned paper, maybe toning, maybe color, WHO KNOWS.


Paypal me! Literally just, SEND ME A PAYPAL PAYMENT. Please include up to 3 visual references (no more than three, no links to galleries please) of whatever character you’d like for your doodle in the comments with your payment. A short description is acceptable as well. Once you pay, you are all set! I will take down this post when I am closed. You don’t need to ask before sending payment so long as this is up :3

ALSO - if you would prefer no nudity, please let me know with your references! You can also REQUEST nudity, or if you’d like your doodle to be on the erotic/suggestive side, you can let me know that too :3

No specific pose requests please - these are kind of, gimme your character and let me go nuts with it kind of a thing :3

ALRIGHT! Thanks everyone! My paypal is:

savicorn AT gmail DOT com


sanageyama and ira being roommates and sanageyama constantly harassing ira by always featuring him in his snapchats





One of the things that a LOT of progressives have a problem with is classism. “DON’T SHOP AT WALMART! Buy local and organic!” etc. and they totally fail at realizing some people can’t afford other options, if they have options at all. Our struggles are different. Do what you can when you can. Raise awareness. But stop assuming everyone has the same opportunities and abilities.


breakfast for dinner is fun when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult it’s just like “yo i ate lunch at 5 PM today and linear time is functionally meaningless”

A cover of Blumenkranz, Kiryuin Ragyo’s theme song from Kill la Kill, sung by a native German speaker with the original instrumentals. Probably one of my favorite things to listen to right now, and enjoyable even if you’ve never seen or didn’t care much for the anime, I believe.




Put him in a longboat til he’s sober

does Robbie’s car count as a longboat cuz now i’m sober. :U